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Massage services are available by appointment on daily bases booking . Book in advance  at least 2 hours prior to your chosen time.

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About me

My name is Monika a Hungarian / British massage therapist in Luton. I was in my twenties when I first met the massage. At that time I learned massage techniques from my own masseuse who learned this skills from monks. He encouraged me and he said I am talented. The massage started as a hobby and then began to become part of my life. I made more and more massages. In 2011 I got my first official masseuse certification then I earned more qualifications. I worked for a beauty salon in Edinburgh and I started to build up my own massage clients. I used to work for 5+ stars Hotels in Budapest before I moved back to England. Now I am here in Luton where I founded Anderson Beauty. Most popular massage services: Chiropractic, Trigger-point, Foot massage, Wellness massage (Chocolate, Honey, Cleopatra, Aromatherapy, Salt-massage) Swedish massage, Refreshing -Relaxing massage, Oiled Thai massage, Cupping Goads Hoax, Ear and Bod therapy, Manager massage

Most popular massage services:


Trigger Point 

Wellness Massage

Chocolate, Honey, Cleopatra, Aromatherapy, Salt-massage

Oiled Thai Massage


Moxa Therapy Massage

Ear and Body Candles Therapy

Manager Massage



More Information

All of my massage services have a valid certification accepted in the United Kingdom and EU


CBD oil massage service in Luton?

CBD oil has a huge list of wellness benefits from pain relief to reducing anxiety and stress.  Pair this with deep tissue massage techniques and you have a double-whammy of relief from muscle tension and stress. A CBD Massage is deeply relaxing, designed to melt tension away and promote a calming effect, soothing inflammation and chronic pain.

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CBD OIL Massage Service Luton