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“Accept what is let go of what was and have faith in what will be”


Please let me welcome you to Anderson Beauty world. Anderson Beauty established to provide professional, holistic massage therapy for mobile massage service. Anderson Beauty is an ancient Greek word. The meaning of Anderson is “Love of God” unconditional, selfless love. It is unfathomably, immeasurably, inexpressibly more. We know it instinctively, deep within the soul, but we can never adequately define or even understand it.

About me

My name is Monika Anderson and originally come from a small country with full of natural treasures such as thermal water that heals diseases and preserves our health. This country is Hungary located in central Europe. From childhood I was instinctively opposed to medication, so I started to looking for answers in natural solutions. Diseases are psychosomatic. The term consists of two Greek words: “psykhe”- soul , “somatika” – body. That is why my interest is massage , nutritional , motion , yoga , meditation and also water treatment methods (Kneipp cure).

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I was in my twenties when I first met the massage. At that time I learned massage techniques from my own masseuse who learned this skills from monks. He encouraged me and he said I am talented. The massage started as a hobby and then began to become part of my life. I made more and more massages. In 2011 I got my first official masseuse certification then I earned more qualifications. I worked for a beauty salon in Edinburgh and I started to build up my own massage clients. After 5 years I was learning more about Ayurveda ( The Science of Life ) massage. I used to work for 5+ stars Hotels in Budapest before I moved back to England. Now I am here in Luton where I founded Anderson Beauty Limited Company.

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